HARVEST Q Platform - APP Service (Android & Apple)

Harvest Q is a blockchain-based rewarding, information sharing app. You can download Harvest Q on Play Store and Appstore.

Business introduction about

Business introduction about HARVEST Q service plan

Global Service
Simple QUIZ & HVC Coin

We provide knowledge and information via quizzes.
The more quizzes you solve, the more reward you will receive!
We will provide service with ads that are planned with target marketing system.

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HARVEST Q Identity

Experience the content and service by HarvestQ

Detailed Quizzes

Four types of detailed quizzes!
We provide you several types of quizzes such as basic quiz, mission quiz, ad quiz, academic quiz.

Basic Quiz

The quizzes with specific thema such as satisfying curiosity, life tips, healing time, killing time. Users can selectively solve various quizzes and learn new information.

Mission Quiz

You will have the opportunity of earning coins through the knowledge of basic quiz via speed quiz, 20 questions quiz, and 2 coin obtain quiz.

Ad Quiz

By solving the quizzes with specific advertisement, users will get cash provided by advertiser after completing the final mission.

Academic Quiz

Car, space, welfare, economics, etc. Solve specialized quizzes with various categories. Experts will directly provide the contents and only interested users can solve it.

Connecting with various hardware devices

We provide you our service with various devices such as mobile, PC, AI speaker, etc.

Coin Rewarding System

You can attain one piece of coin per one quiz question. If you gather 100 pieces of coin, 1 coin will be rewarded. You can deepen your knowledge, and earn coins by using our rewarding system.

Online and offline global use

HVC is the coin you can use all around the world. We are keeping on driving forward to accomplish our goals to make the society little more intellectual through Harvest Q.

HVC Coin Obtain

1. Solve a quiz
2. Receive HVC
as a reward
You can grow and attain crops by solving quizzes or completing missions. You can use play our game online and offline in various ways.
3. My Harvest Farm

About HVC

HVC is global coin that you can use online and offline.

Rewarding HVC coin is available by answering quizzes.
You can trade coins with various institutions such as charitable institutes.
You can give your hand to people who are struggling with poverty all over the world.
Also, apart from answering quizzes, you can attain HVC coins by growing crops on the app.

target marketing systems

HARVEST Q Target Marketing

HARVEST Q’s target marketing system runs a campaign of advertisements based on big data.
Experience the advertisement effect while enjoying every content.
Not only the normal AD but also you can enjoy video ADs.
Farm Game
It’s a mini farm game providing at first signing up.
Grow plants by answering quizzes, and attain many products!
Flowers bear fruits after using specific items you receive.
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